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  • "Having tried several larger translation agencies, we came across EasyTranslate. We set up a meeting to explore opportunities and expectations and after that the collaboration ran as smoothly as desired. EasyTranslate is a good example of how price and quality do not necessarily correlate; we receive high quality translations at a very competitive price. Our Language Adviser is always easy to reach and EasyTranslate does an excellent job at meeting our requirements, often against tight deadlines and a variety of file formats."



    McDonald's is the world's best-known fast-food chain. They serve over 60 million people, in more than 100 countries and 32,000 locations every day. Their world famous signature products, such as the Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets, have become industry icons. McDonald's is also known for their training and development programs - with a focus on employee learning and empowerment.

    The Challenge

    De uitdaging

    McDonald's required a quality, professional translation agency to handle their training and educational materials. Due to the renown of McDonald's talent development initiatives, it was imperative for the content of these training materials to maintain the consistency of their tone of voice and internal terminology. Accurate, professional, localised translation was a must, as direct translation simply won't do when it comes to the best.

    The Solution

    De oplossing

    McDonald's turned to EasyTranslate in their search for a language solutions partner. In order to translate, proofread, and QA sensitive training materials for McDonald's, EasyTranslate provides them with a dedicated team of Language Advisers and translators that continue to work to meet their exact requirements, and service their needs with a smile. This team of dedicated professionals continues to ensure that McDonald's employees have a steady stream of quality guidelines, e-learning, and talent program materials.

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