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Why us?

At EasyTranslate, our mission is to assist you in going global with local languages. We wish to be an accessible extension of your team, to take on the task of managing localisation projects in multiple languages. We will help you streamline your translation process, adapting to your needs and the technology that you use.

Whether you need to build a multilingual website, translate a manual into various languages, or reach an international audience with your newsletters, we are able to help you with our quick, easy and affordable services!

Focus on your content, not on project management

There are various steps to a translation process, but we make sure to streamline the process so that everything is taken care of for you in one place. You can track every step of the process at any time, and with our integrations services you can ensure that we deliver your translation straight within your own workflow. 

We are here to help you throughout the entire translation process. From the moment you place your order, we take care of finding the right translator catered to you and your brand, handling the project management, quality assurance and a timely delivery in the designated format and destination.

Easy-to-use platform

Our smart and efficient platform assists you in streamlining your translation process across your organisation. Through automation, we guarantee a smooth and efficient translation process. Your top quality translations are seamlessly integrated within your own workflow. This enables you to optimise your time and streamline your workflow, and ultimately to grow globally.

At the click of a button you are well on your way to receive top quality translations that will help you go global with your business. With us, you get simplicity and quality at affordable rates in one simple location. Our new platform streamlines the process for you, offering top quality speedy translations at affordable prices. Get full access to translations 24/7 with a dedicated team of translators available for you. It is easy to use and allows you to track your projects at any time.

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It has never been easier to add languages to your CMS, Google Drive or PIM, with our plugin services that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow. You can now translate your digital content directly within your online software. It is adapted to your needs and the technology that you use, and your content is delivered in any language required, no matter how complex your theme is. 

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Quality assurance

We understand the importance of strong communication. We therefore place a high priority on the quality of the translations that we deliver. For this reason, we have a dedicated team for the onboarding and assessment of our translators, to ensure that they are constantly living up to expectations, and have access to the necessary tools and information to ensure top performance.

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A customised process

We tailor our services to you and your brand, to ensure efficiency and consistency throughout your translation projects.

Your team of fixed translators

We know how important brand and tone of voice are, and we pride ourselves on offering consistency throughout your projects. The EasyTranslate platform assists you in finding translators that are the best fit for you, to be used continuously during our collaboration.

Within your account, you are able to create your own pool of hand picked translators. Select your preferred team and set the order of priority so that the parametres are in place for all future projects. 

You now have your very own team of assigned experts within your field of work, that get to know your brand over time, and will deliver content that is tailored to your needs, identity and audience.

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