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Proofreading for every language

Expert proof-readers at your fingertips

At EasyTranslate, we pride ourselves on running a premium service for translations, proofreading and more. With over 10,000 experienced linguists in our network, we have ensured that there’s an expert ready and waiting to proofread your content, no matter the industry. From terminology-rich medical guides to marketing ads that need to flow, our proof-readers have an in-depth knowledge of how your text should read.

It takes a professional

Proofreading technical texts

Proofreading isn’t simply the art of correcting spelling and grammar. Professional proofreading requires a deeper understanding of linguistics and the context of the content. That’s why we hand-select our proof-readers, choosing only those at the top of their field to join our platform. We have medical experts with years of experience in the healthcare industry, to marketing magicians who are always abreast with the latest SEO guidelines.

Our proofreading services aren’t limited to just a few languages, either. We proofread content for businesses and brands around the world, providing them with translations and proofread texts that flow. This can only be achieved by professional, verified proofreading experts who speak the native language.

Let us guide you

Project management assistance

At Easy Translate, we strive to offer a convenient, professional service. As such, we won’t ever waste your time when we know just how busy your job is. Whether you have 2 essential texts to have proofread or an entire website to have thoroughly examined, we have the expertise to help you manage your project. From assigning our top proof-readers to your task and ensuring that all deadlines are met with plenty of time for any necessary modifications. 

The benefits of working with professionals

Why you need a specialist service

While any proof-reader will be able to check your text for simple spelling errors and typos, you cannot expect a generic proofreading agency to pick up on the subtle mistakes that only an industry expert would notice.

Only a native speaker can proof-read and edit a text so that it flows fluidly off the tongue. Niche terminology, whether it’s Latin legal terms or historical references, requires an expert proof-reader who understand the context in which these terms should be used. And finally, it takes a specialist proofreading service to format your text into the appropriate style and tone for your desired audience.

Natural-reading results

Niche terminology used correctly

Perfect formatting and style

Entrusting your text to the experts

Qualified proofreading

Along with our translators and interpreters, our proofreading team provide the human insight needed to proof-read correctly. Even with advancing technology, it takes a skilled human eye to ensure correct proofreading. Their drive to provide the highest quality service is what sets us apart. Years of experience and certifications enable our proof-readers to create a premium service that combines the latest technology with in-depth knowledge of linguistics and niche industry familiarity.

The privacy of an encrypted platform

Unwavering security

Our proofreading platform takes the security of our customers’ documents to the highest level. Not only are all our proof-readers thoroughly verified and checked, but we also ensure our technology has no loopholes or backdoors. We use GDPR approved and certified security measures to encrypt all your data, ensuring that your documents are only shared between you and your proof-reader.

Proofreading with an audience in mind

We understand context

In the modern era, simply proofreading a text for mistakes is no longer enough. You spend valuable time carefully crafting content that will speak to your audience. Whether you’re writing an informal social media post that needs to connect with the native audience of the brand, or a research paper that needs to impress the board of members. Our proofreading service ensures that the style and message of your content remains intact.

Never compromising quality

An efficient service

The more we work with your texts, proofreading your content and gaining a deeper understanding of your business and aims, the faster and more efficient we become. Together with our streamlined platform, managing, sending and receiving your proofread files is seamless and affordable.

When you need texts proofread in a short time frame, EasyTranslate will always oblige without compromising the quality we strive to provide.

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