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Tailored English Translations

At EasyTranslate we are experts in German-English translations. We provide tailored and industry specific translations at affordable rates. With us you get access to a network of over 10.000 experienced and highly qualified translators who will make sure to adapt your material to fit your brand identity, line of business and tone of voice.

Translation is much more than just words. It’s about adjusting your material to your market and native language. Our translators have the cultural understanding of your language and are specialised in any industry to provide you with professional translations to fit your needs.

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EasyTranslate is all about making the translation as smooth and convenient for you as possible. Our platform is fast and easy to use, and you can make your request at anytime, anywhere and with only a few clicks. Once you’ve completed your order you can track the status of your translation on our platform - it will be ready for you in less than 48 hours.

Our Language Adviser Team will be able to support you in any query you might have - making sure that your needs are met at all times.

Translation Memory

20% Off for New Clients.* Money Back Guarantee

Whether you’re a new client or an existing client, EasyTranslate is the platform for you. For all new clients we offer 20% off on the first order. We also provide a money back guarantee within the first 30 days if you’re not happy with the translation.

Our memory translation tool ensures you consistent and cost-effective translations every time. We recognize and reuse all of your previously translated segments, which decreases costs and time on future translations. This means that, the more you translate with us, the cheaper it gets.

*Get your 20% Off with the code : NEW2019. Simply enter the promo code in the comment section when ordering a translation.

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English is the official language of 67 countries.


English is the third most used language in the world.


of the world’s population speaks English.

Going Global

English is the Gateway to a Global Market

English is the leading business language of the world. By translating from German to English you will be able to expand your business immensely and reach a broad and global audience. However, translating to English is not just about having your audience understanding your message, it’s about digging deeper in order to reach that one specific group that you’re targeting. There are many differences between American, British and Australian English. This is where we come in! Our qualified translators have the cultural and local understanding of the language and will help you reach your target audience with tailored English translations.

Similarities & Differences

German-English Language History

The German and English language are closely related due to their history. In Fact, German and English go way back: they both belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, which explains common features in both languages. For example, they share many similar cognates: “Winter/Winter”, “Haus/House”, trinken/drink, etc.

However, even if the vocabulary can be very similar, German and English work in very different ways in many aspects. If some cognates seem to have the same meaning, they are in fact so called “false friends” (a word or expression that has a similar form to one in a person's native language, but a different meaning). For example, the German word ‘also’ doesn’t have the same meaning as the English word ‘also’.

Another important aspect to be aware of when translating from German to English are long compound nouns. In German, it is very common to group different nouns to make one new unique noun. When translating from German to English, this can reduce the length of the content down to 35%.


German English
Bezirksschornsteinfegermeister Head district chimney sweep
Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän Danube steamship company captain
Rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften Legal protection insurance companies
german to english translators

Experienced Translators

Meet Our English Translators

Our team of dedicated English translators are the best in their field and put their passion for language at your service. They have years of experience and know the language in all its little details and complexities. With all of them being native-speakers and having followed specific training courses, they have certifications that recognize their language level and qualify them as expert English translators.


From Global to Local

As you probably already know, there isn’t really one single universal English language. Many English words and phrases can be singular to a particular area and would be as foreign to an English speaker from outside the region as words from Mandarin or Ewokese. On the other side, there are some words that may be used in all English-speaking countries, but which have entirely different meanings depending on which of those countries you’re in.

As such, if you’re planning on expanding your business to one of these English-speaking countries, it's important to employ the right language. You want the language to sound as natural as possible to the locals, but you also want to avoid mistakenly offending anyone. Therefore, only qualified and experienced German to English translators can deliver the right and appropriate content translating from one language to another.

Kartoffelchips Chips Fries
Autobahn Motorway Highway
Schlange Queue Line
Mülleimer Bin Trash Can
Farbe Colour Color
Organisieren Organise Organize
Meter Metre Meter
Katalog Catalogue Catalog
Reifen Tyre Tire

Language Differences

UK English vs US English

The most common of language varieties in English are those spoken in the UK and the US. In terms of vocabulary, grammar, spelling and pronunciation there are so many differences when it comes to British English and American English.

Mastering a language is about mastering the details that make it unique. Many English speakers don't know about the little differences that separate British English from American English. As shown above it can come down to replacing an entire word with another one, but it can also be shown in minor details such as in the spelling. ‘Color’ and ‘colour’ are pronounced in the same way and the only difference is shown in how it’s written.

One could argue that British English will always be the most correct since American English derives from British English. However, languages are always in motion and develop over time and across borders so there’s no one “correct” way of doing it. These are all factors that should be considered when translating into English as they can easily be the difference between ‘making it’ and ‘breaking it’.

English-Speaking Friends

Germany’s Top 5 Trading Partners

Germany has the strongest economy in Europe and the second largest export economy in the world. Their solid economy is based on exports of high-quality manufactured goods along with strong trading partnerships with some of the major players in the global economy.

It’s worth noting that two of the top five trading partners for Germany are native English-speaking countries. In addition, The Netherlands is known as one of the countries of the non-native English-speaking countries where people speak the best English, making the majority of Germany’s trading partners English-speaking.

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