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Professional legal translations

At EasyTranslate, we have the experience and expert knowledge in the legal field to translate legal contracts and texts to the highest level of accuracy and transparency. Our legal translators are all professionals within the translating and legal niches. 

When entrusting your legal texts to a translator, ensuring they are a verified professional is a must. EasyTranslate has a dedicated legal translation platform that has everything you need to monitor progress and control the translation of your all-important documents as they’re handled by our top translators.

Why do you need a dedicated legal translation platform?

Working with legal translations is a task that should only be left to the most senior, law-experienced translators. At EasyTranslate, our dedicated legal translation platform is uniquely placed to offer you that premium service. Our legal translation team:

  • Are all individually checked and verified for experience and certification to work with and translate legal texts.
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of the terminology and Latin legal terminology, ensuring that the original legal contract is fully understood and mistranslations are avoided.
  • Know how to write in the correct format for legal contracts. When translating contracts, we always ensure that the new text is legally operative and accurate, not just a simple translation word for word.

When it comes to legal texts, you need a legal translator who knows the industry inside and out. Each translator is not only native in the language you need the contract translated to, but they are also proficient at writing and working in legal contexts, with a deep understanding of contract law that a generic translation agency can never achieve.

Essential factors for legal translation work

Maintaining an impeccably high quality and standard across all our translations is a mandatory requirement at EasyTranslate, but when it comes to legal translations, we find that extra meticulousness for quality is needed.

Our expert translators understand the legal system of the original text and the legal system of the jurisdiction you are translating your contracts into, whether it’s within the same legal family or between different legal families. This ensures that the meaning and purpose of the contract or text is maintained as it’s translated from one language to another. This is not something that a generic translator can achieve by translating word for word.

Furthermore, we encourage our legal translation team to work efficiently but thoroughly, taking the time needed to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The quality of your translations is our highest priority.

Professional translation services are the only services you should consider

The consequences of using unprofessional or subpar translation services for legal work can be quite severe. Not only does it compromise the legality of your contracts and texts, but it can also be very costly to fix, whether a mistranslation lands you in legal trouble or simply takes too much time to correct. Moreover, the impact of an inadequate legal translation can do serious damage to your reputation at home and abroad. 

Generic translation agencies offering legal translation services may only be able to provide you with a convenience translation. While they may be able to accurately translate word-for-word in the appropriate manner, these translations cannot be used in court. For official court documents, you need an accurate translation from a professional who knows how to translate your documents into legally viable texts for the jurisdiction you are working in.

Whether it’s a memo containing complex legal terminology that needs to be translated for another lawyer, or a vital legal contract that’s the key to settlement, you should only entrust it to a professional translator who understands the law inside and out.

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