Our Data Security

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Here at EasyTranslate we have worked dedicated and thoroughly for a long time to keep our security level and data protection high and meet the requirements of GDPR. We continuously evaluate our processes and our cooperations to make sure that you can entrust us with your data. This is for you to have peace in mind, for us to run a sustainable and healthy business and to protect the end subjects.

What's all this about?

When you sign up to any given service, online data about you and your purchases are being processed. This is most likely not a big surprise to you - this is the premise. But for the online market not to be the wild west, regulations on how to act as a service provider have come into force governing Europe and everyone processing European Citizen’s data. This is good news! 


What does this mean?

It means that we all have to abide to extensive (and strict) rules about your personal data and that everyone we work with has to do the same.

So when you sign up at EasyTranslate to have your newest biography proofread before release or your certificates translated when going abroad, we handle those documents with utmost care. If you need a person to interpret, the confidentiality remains.

We value your privacy

The most crucial point to be made here is that we continuously work with setting the highest standard for our clients for you to have the best possible experience with handing over your personal data.

If you’re interested in reading more about the actual terms click here for our privacy- and cookie policy and our latest updated version of our DPA (Data Processing Agreement)


Are you, EasyTranslate, compliant with the new rules and regulations of the GDPR?

We are! In fact, before the universal EU enforcement date: 25 May 2018, we were ready to go above and beyond the GDPR, in order to protect your data and privacy.

How do you make sure to keep your security level high?

We are using state of the art technology which both allow us to build securely and to protect our environment from malicious intrusion. We make sure to separate our different environments and we monitor and secure that only the right people have access to the right data/environments.

Can I access, edit, move, and/or delete my data, whenever I like?

Definitely! Your Account Settings page gives you full control over your data. Simply go to “My Account” and you can edit, export, and delete your data, at the touch of a button.

How secure is your office network?

Our networks are secured by VPN. This allows us to be flexible and secure at the same time as we can work remotely on EasyTranslate’s network if needed giving you a 24/7 service. Our networks are segmented and protected with passwords.

What do you do with my data?

We only collect information which will allow us to perform our job on your behalf, in the most efficient manner possible. Which is why we collect your personal, professional, and financial data only for the purposes of creating an account, translating your work, and invoicing you.

Will my data be processed in third countries?

Given that we have many different clients with varying setups, this answer is not a 1:1. We use different sub-suppliers, some in third countries, some in EEA. Due to the different needs, our list of sub-processors is not necessarily applicable to your specific setting, but some systems are critical for us to perform our services. Please click here for the complete overview. This being said, we have valid DPA’s with all of our sub-processors available, we have the legal basis for the transfer to third countries and we monitor the compliance by only using recognised sub-processors who have the capacity to abide to the GDPR and undergo audits and certifications.

Where can I learn and read more about how my data is processed by you?

At our Privacy & Data policies page, you can read all about how we handle and process your data.

Who do I contact if I have important questions or concerns regarding EasyTranslate & the GDPR?

You may contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO), Anna Lykke Lundholm-Andersen, by email: gdpr@easytranslate.com.